The challenge
In 2013 the Grundig brand was expanding its existing range with a line of household appliances involving energy-saving and sustainable solutions for the home. With its entry into Slovenia it had to position itself and win a share of the saturated market for white goods.
As part of the launch marketing campaign we designed a conceptual approach that tied Grundig to the sustainable concept of preventing food waste. The Slovenian initiative No Leftover Week was created, bringing together 20 top Slovenian chefs headed by Massimo Bottura.
As part of a wider marketing campaign, creatively designed by Saatchi & Saatchi, Taman Communications came up with the content and concept, the content marketing, public relations, digital advertising and the design and implementation of the main event for No Leftover Week, which took place with the support of Open Kitchen in Ljubljana.
During that week, acclaimed Slovenian chefs held workshops on preparing food under the principle of zero food waste. Top restaurants throughout Slovenia put on their menus dishes prepared under this principle, and at the end of the meals they gave “foodie bags” to guests, in which they could take any leftovers home with them.
The highpoint of the week was the Friday visit of Massimo Bottura, who prepared zero food waste dishes for visitors in the middle of Ljubljana, and inspired them with his philosophy of sustainable living.
We conducted advertising and content marketing on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, and on the website We shared recipes and tips from chefs to reduce food waste, and inspiring stories from individuals, food bloggers and celebrities.
We secured the Grundig brand as a sponsor of the initiative, and positioned it as a brand dedicated to the sustainable concern to reduce food waste. In the second phase, Grundig used the No Leftover platform as a USP in its sales activities.
We reached more than 1.5 million people throughout Slovenia. More than 100,000 individuals actively participated in the project and committed to reduce the amount of food wasted. Grundig acquired goodwill and enhanced its reputation, gaining both credibility and prominence among the target group and enabling it to increase sales.
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