The challenge
Slovenian society often has a negative view and outmoded understanding of entrepreneurship, which is seen as only for and to the benefit of big business. SBC, a club which brings together the more successful and socially responsible Slovenian entrepreneurs, believes that entrepreneurship is a value that makes society and individuals more successful, and brings benefits to all social strata and aspects of life. They thus want entrepreneurship to become something valued among the general public, too.
We upgraded the existing SBC campaign FOR an Entrepreneurial Slovenia, through which we promoted dialogue, linked together entrepreneurs and the members of various social groups, and demonstrated that entrepreneurship is a positive value.
We developed the website, on which we appealed for proposals on what should be done to generate more entrepreneurship in society. This narrowly segmented and targeted strategic approach enabled us through advertising, content and tailored addresses to reach those target groups that have a negative attitude towards entrepreneurship, or are reserved about it. We drew up a strategy and a plan of content for SBC’s own media. The advertising conducted on Facebook, YouTube and the Slovenian online media was created by Agencija 101, along with the campaign’s design image.
As a way of linking entrepreneurs and members of different social groups, SBC set up a Steering Group within the campaign. This involves 16 individuals from various walks of life, who work together with SBC in seeking ways to make entrepreneurship more familiar and appealing to the general public.
Through inspirational video stories of individuals with very dfferent backgrounds we spread the message that regardless of our life circumstances and vocational orientation, we can achieve our goals and create wonderful stories, if we develop entrepreneurship and other positive qualities within ourselves.
Here we provided publicity and the effective placement of stories in the media through TV items, reports, in-depth articles, interviews and radio broadcasts. In this way, alongside social media and online advertisements, the campaign had a strong presence through the use of compelling stories on television, the radio and in online and printed media.
The campaign FOR an Entrepreneurial Slovenia reached nearly a third of Slovenia’s population. The video stories were seen by 183,000 people, and SBC received more than 100 constructive proposals on what should be done to foster entrepreneurship in Slovenia. In the future the campaign will be further developed and upgraded. Our aim is to strengthen the perception of entrepreneurship as a positive value.
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